1. Kwese iFlix is a content provider that streams shows and movies. All this content is accessible on phones devices like laptops, tablets, and phones.

2. A subscriber will register on Kwese iFlix for them to be able to access Kwese iFlix content. Once a customer has registered for the service, they will be able to access, stream and download content. Login is either by Facebook credentials or Kwese iFlix account details.

3. Customers will be credited with a free Kwese iFlix bundle for every data bundle purchased via USSD 143, Econet Shops, My Econet Application and Ecocash. See annex 1 attached.

4. A Kwese iFlix off-peak bundle currently works anytime of the day. Off-peak period is adjustable and can be changed as communicated by Econet Wireless.

5. Bundle is activated at purchase, which means validity starts to lapse from time of purchase.

6. Kwese iFlix bundle is usable on Wi-Fi (both fixed Econet Wi-Fi Zones and Wi-Fi in Kombi sites), any time of the day.

7. Kwese iFlix off-peak bundle only works for Kwese iFlix usage via application and web.

8. Customers will get 80% and 100% usage notification messages in absolute numbers.

9. Kwese iFlix usage outside stipulated off-peak hours will attract standard data rates (any available bundle in customers account e.g. daily, weekly bundles or monthly bundles)

10. All Wi-Fi bundles are legible for Kwese iFlix usage on Wi-Fi network at any time.

11. Of the Kwese iFlix bundles, daily bundles has the highest usage priority followed by weekly and lastly monthly.

12. To access the Kwese iFlix bundle services, customers’ needs to be activated for Econet Broadband.

13. Subscription is on the mobile number and not the phone. If a customer changes handsets the line continues to enjoy the service.

14. In the event there is a failed attempt in subscribing to the service originating from a customer error, funds will be refundable at Econet’s discretion. Notwithstanding the above, if the error is system related, following an internal investigation a refund which is equivalent to the charges shall be provided by Econet.

15. All queries pertaining to the above service should be directed to Econet Wireless’ Customer Care by calling toll free number 111 or any service centre.

16. Econet makes no warranty that the services will meet the customers’ requirements, be uninterrupted, complete, and timely or error free.

17. All customers that subscribe to the service are bound by the terms and conditions contained herein as well as the terms and conditions of Econet Wireless’ service provision, and/or amended herein from time to time.

18. Our failure to exercise any particular rights or provision of these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision, unless acknowledged and agreed to by us in writing.

19. Where the terms & conditions are translated into a language other than the English Language, in the event of any inconsistencies, conflicts or discrepancies between the terms and conditions set out in the English Language version and that of the other language(s), the English Language version shall prevail.

20. The terms and conditions herein shall be governed and construed in the laws of Zimbabwe and the customers agree unconditionally to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of Zimbabwe.

21. Econet Wireless reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without any prior notice.